Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blogger Forever

I will always be a Blogger user. Haha. No matter how many blogs I create at other blogging websites, no matter how other blogging platforms tempt me to try out their services, I always end up going back to blogspot. I have been a Blogger user since 2005. And the account I'm using now is my second Blogger account which I made in 2006. I think I forgot the details of my first Blogger account that's why I had to create a new one.

But before Blogger, I was actually a Xanga user. It was in the year 2004 that I started blogging. I wish I can still remember my account details in Xanga so I can delete my embarrassing blogs. They were so jeje. HAHAHAHAHA. But not to the point that I blog like "EoW pHowwWwzzZ." No. Haha. Well I can still remember I used sticky caps. And I type lyk dis. Haha. Shortcut.  Hmmm. What else. I literally blogged everyday during those days. I was so into blogging. And I was so addicted to HTML/CSS/JavaScript back then that every interesting code I find on the WWW was saved in my design settings until my page looked so overloaded with stuff. Merlin the Wizard, welcome alert, right-click alert, name it, I got it!. HAHA. Anyway, I can't really remember my blog urls in Xanga. So I'm just hoping you guys won't stumble upon those blogs of mine as well. :P

Ohh blogging. I've always blogged about my everyday life. Now it's time for me to blog about other different things. Like... make-up! Or fashion or music or food! Or whatever it is that I want to blog about. But I'll always be a Blogger user. I think it's the best blogging platform ever. :P I'm kind of promoting Blogger already. They should pay me for this. Haha. This post has become a look back at the past. I think the title of this blog entry should be "Daniella Marfori's Blogging History". Lol. That's it.

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