Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boat Shoes

My mom bought this pair of boat shoes for me the other day. Isn't it cute? :)

I got it from SM Sucat's Supermarket. Yes. Supermarket. It's about 700+php. :) There were also other different colors available like gray, black and pink! :D I wanna buy 3 more pairs in black, gray and pink! :))

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Tina and I went to this really really cute yogurt store in a building beside Alabang Town Center. She tried their yogurt out while I opted for their fried oreos called, Oreo Blast since I'm not really a fan of yogurts. :P

This is what you will basically see before you enter the store. Sorry if this shot is such an epic fail. Can't even see the name of the store. I just used my iPhone. Haha. Anyway, I wasn't able to take a full shot of the store outside but there are also tables there if you don't feel like staying inside the cute yogurt store. 

Once you enter the store, you will see these things.. :)

Here's the menu :D

 And here's my Oreo Blast :)

Oreo Blast
Oreo Blast
The Oreo Blast I ordered was yummy :) But the only thing I don't like about it was it was overcooked. You can see that the color's kind of dark. If it wasn't overcooked then it would have been yummier :P But it's okay :) 

Here's Tina with her yogurt :)

Tina :)
I wasn't able to ask her about the yogurt but I bet it's good :)

The following pictures that you will see are some items that they also sell in the store. 

So basically, it's not just an ordinary yogurt store. You can also buy items like the ones shown above from them.

Here's a photo of Tina and I :)

Tina and I :)
Visit Twirls!
Ground Flr. Casa Susana Bldg. beside Alabang Town Center Madrigal Ave. Ayala Alabang Muntinlupa M.M. Philippines

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blogger Forever

I will always be a Blogger user. Haha. No matter how many blogs I create at other blogging websites, no matter how other blogging platforms tempt me to try out their services, I always end up going back to blogspot. I have been a Blogger user since 2005. And the account I'm using now is my second Blogger account which I made in 2006. I think I forgot the details of my first Blogger account that's why I had to create a new one.

But before Blogger, I was actually a Xanga user. It was in the year 2004 that I started blogging. I wish I can still remember my account details in Xanga so I can delete my embarrassing blogs. They were so jeje. HAHAHAHAHA. But not to the point that I blog like "EoW pHowwWwzzZ." No. Haha. Well I can still remember I used sticky caps. And I type lyk dis. Haha. Shortcut.  Hmmm. What else. I literally blogged everyday during those days. I was so into blogging. And I was so addicted to HTML/CSS/JavaScript back then that every interesting code I find on the WWW was saved in my design settings until my page looked so overloaded with stuff. Merlin the Wizard, welcome alert, right-click alert, name it, I got it!. HAHA. Anyway, I can't really remember my blog urls in Xanga. So I'm just hoping you guys won't stumble upon those blogs of mine as well. :P

Ohh blogging. I've always blogged about my everyday life. Now it's time for me to blog about other different things. Like... make-up! Or fashion or music or food! Or whatever it is that I want to blog about. But I'll always be a Blogger user. I think it's the best blogging platform ever. :P I'm kind of promoting Blogger already. They should pay me for this. Haha. This post has become a look back at the past. I think the title of this blog entry should be "Daniella Marfori's Blogging History". Lol. That's it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

MAC Hug Me

Brand new Mac Hug Me
Hug Me was my very first MAC lipstick. I fell in love with it the first time I put it on my lips. I found out about it because of my friend, Tina. It's the perfect "my-lips-but-better" lipstick. I used it everyday when I finally had my own tube. As in everyday! I even neglected my other lipsticks because of this. Haha ;)

So after abusing this lipstick, it now looks like this..

After a few months..
I better get a new one! I know I can still use this but whenever I apply it on, my lips get itchy :( I don't know why. :( It's a sign. I must buy a new one! New MAC Hug Me! Or maybe a different lipstick shade from MAC :) Any lippie suggestions? :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blogger App

Blogger iPhone App
Finally! Blogger now has an iPhone app! I will be able to post more through this :D i have been waiting for this app for a long time already.
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