Sunday, May 8, 2011


Last April 16-17, 2011, my high school friend and I went to Batangas to celebrate Thea's 18th birthday. We got to swim and drink. They played beerpong and I didn't since I'm not the type of person who likes to drink beer. I don't really like the taste of beer. So here are some pictures.. :)

Me, Carla and Sil
Junnel driving.
The birthday girl and Ayen :)
Beerpong pictures starts here :)
Sil drinking.
Sil about to throw the ball.
Me :)
Thea, the birthday girl :)
Alex :)
Alex drinking :)
Thea drinking :)
Lojo and I :)
Cabana 1
Sil & Carla
Sil & Carla again :)
Asahi & Kam
Sil & Carla :)
Sil drinking :)
Beer bellies.
Orange nails!
(L-R) Ayen, Carla, Alex, Tina, Junnel and I :)
Portia drinking :)
Anna drinking :)
The moooon! :)
The next day we went to a church :)
Bell Tower visit :)
After that, we went back home. ;) That's all :)

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