Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Last April 3-11, 2011, I went to Cebu. I actually went there to participate in this year's Gawad Kalinga Bayani Challenge. It was held in Bantayan Island. It's a really really beautiful island! I'll post some pictures here :)

Domestic Terminal :)
Ready to ride the plane!
Waiting for our maletas :)
Mactan-Cebu International Airport :)
Before we made it to Bantayan Island, we stayed in Hagnaya in an elementary school. It was hard to get some sleep.  "May daaaaaagaaaaaaaaa!" :(((
Hagnaya Port
Painting the houses.
First time to do something like this.
Attended a talk.
Smiling :)
Me and Kyle :)
Bayani Challenge :)
Another talk.
Mohon site.
Team AC :)
Me ;)
Beautiful place indeed!
Me, Clarize and Jackie :)
Low tide.
Low tide talaga.
Nice sand.
Me in my blue swimsuit :))
Nag-eemote :))
Smiling for the camera!
I really loooove the saaaand.
My footprint :)
Lovely place.
Posing again ;)
And again ;)
Island hopping!
Virgin Island :)
Virgin Islaaaaand :)
Beautiful place :)
The four of us :)
Went snorkeling!
Ready to go home! :)

There you guys have it. :) You guys should visit this beautiful island. :) And oh yeah, credits to Kyle & Kris for some of the pictures :)

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