Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Safari Photoshoot

Tina flaunting her “leg”.

Tina. Close-up.

Tina near the plants.

Tina near the wall :))

Carla :)

Me :)

The three of us!
    Photographed by: Daniella Marfori, Carla Ragudo for my picture! and Macky Conferido for our group picture :)
    Post-processing by: Daniella Marfori
    Make-up: Christina Fermin
    Styling: Daniella Marfori, Christina Fermin, Carla Ragudo
    We had this photoshoot last last Saturday :) It’s just for fun and also for my photography class as well :) I loooove animal prints. I actually looove leopard prints but I chose to wear a zebra printed dress from People are People that day. Will post more photos soon! :) Another theme :)

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